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Good to know

The first importance in choosing the suitable make up type comes from the light. It is not a myth, but the pure truth. So, we have fluorescent light which is blue and incandescent light which is yellow. Also, the brightness of the natural sunlight makes everything looks clearely.

Regarding this, we must do our makeup synchronizing to the light.
The make up certainly must be suit to each lady’s personality, to her social status, to the job description, to face characteristics,  to clothes and for sure to the moment.

makeup offer

It’s recommended to use special products

Here is a Christine Valmy Make-up’s Whisper and only professional and high quality make-up products.

Just come and you will see. [..]

Make up Styles

Special evening make up

is a glamour, daring and powerfull whisper make up. Further on this, we have the whole freedom to improve our look by annihilating the face’s possible problems as circles round the eyes, distant or closer eyes, a larger or smaller forehead or others. But keep in your mind this Whisper: no one is perfect!

Daylight make up

must be in a simple outline, using neutral and natural colors

Bridal make up

is clean, glamour and enhanced. Must be used warm tones as gold, cream, light green, peaches or browns. Certainly, each one of us has the freedom of choice, so I also encourage cool colors as lilac, rose, violet. Take here a Whisper hint: the bridal make up is not a club make up style. Even this, i assure you of a sexy and unique look in the most important day of your life!

Photo make up

In a shooting it is used a soft and warm red tones light. Also, the photo make up must be stronger as others types.

Make up counseling

If you need advices about having a suit make up style, a specialist Whisper can help you. Don’t hesitate to ask for it!