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Makeup history

Year by year, season by season the make-up trends change almost constantly.

It is interesting to take a look at the makeup evolution. It is wel known the fact that women use makeup for centuries, of course, in time, we recognize that there were major changes in many directions in the makeup’s evolution trends.

Ancient Egypt, the year 4000 BC

research shows that here were used the first cosmetics and makeup products. Women with a high social status used creams from tallow sheep and scented oils to hydrate and maintain skin in a context of very high temperatures. Ancient Egyptians had makeup products based on mercury. Also,  are mentioned ingredients like scales above, carmine, special oils. Were discovered Kohl pencils, and cosmetic  spoons application.

East, 1500 BC (China, Japan)

was fashioned to use rice flour, which gave the well-known white color skin.

In Greece, 1000 BC,

is also used white chalk to shade skin and lead flour. I wonder if not poisoning themselves with lead?!:) Women used paint made from red henna for their lips and coal for eyes.

Rome, the year 200 BC

- playwright Titus Macius Platus said: “A woman without makeup is like food without salt.” Romans begin to used widely cosmetics since mid 1st century.

Middle Ages:

Many of the above-mentioned cosmetics have passed and the medieval period. During the Renaissance, cosmetics based lead were used as exaggerated.

England, XIV century:

Women with high social position were given themselves with white on his face during the day and night sleeping with the veal chop eyes, to rejuvenate skin.

Europe, XV-XVI,

cosmetics are widely used, making exception only very poor class, red rouge and lipstick were used as a symbol of wealth and welfare.

The nineteenth century: the new France.

There is developing chemical processes for a replacement flavors produced by natural methods with beauty products based on scientific research. Zinc oxide starts to be used in facial powder.

Makeup a real trend: in 1914

1914 was written a new page in the beauty history and makeup products for skin maintenance: Max Factor introduces the first compact powder format and floppy powder. Maurice Levy invents lipstick in metal casing. Trends from Victorian age regarding not using makeup products have been maintained until 1920 when the emancipation of ladies in America did make from makeup a manifestation of freedom of women.

At the end of years ‘20

make-up became a necessity for urban women. Max Factor-invent lip gloss and are more shades of red for lipstick. The first eyelash curler came on the scene, called Kurlash.

Between 1930-1950,

with the emergence and development of cinema began a new beauty age. Movie stars have become the most powerful fashion symbols. Women from all over the world imitated this actresses.


makeup is not artificial, on the contrary, follows the lines of natural and the beautiful traits of the face. Women noticed the makeup’s importance and power, so, by time becoming experts in this art.